MetricsPower is a universal tool, in which you will find the attribution
of installations from various sources, tracking GEO, sub parameters, unique identifiers, diplinks and much more. Collect all the necessary
data about your application in one tool to understand your target audience, improve your product and ROI.
MetricsPower –
We will help you to track installations from any traffic sources, such as: web, applications, advertising campaigns, instant messengers and many others. Analyze each channel and optimize it with accuracy from the creative to the site in real time.
Tracking installs and analytics
of application
Find out where your product is most popular, from which countries the installations are coming, from which RK the subscriptions come from and which ones are the most profitable. This tool will help you improve your campaigns and increase your ROI from a GEO perspective.
GEO tracking, SUB parameters, unique identifiers, diplinks
All the necessary information about the Republic of Kazakhstan for you - from installations to conversions, broken down by creatives, channels of attraction
or any other parameters.
Visual Reports
Customize the attribution window
as you like for each method separately, as well as manage the reattribution
at the level of the RK to successfully launch retargeting campaigns.
Контроль атрибуции
Custom Postbacks
Send your advertising partners
the parameters of effective installations and conversions in the application
in order to optimize your CPI and CPA campaigns in real time using postbacks.
Send users who click on the ad right
to the desired section of the application
or to the relevant landing page
using diplinks.
MetricsPower will help you collect a lot of necessary data about your users in the application, such as: actions, engagement, social. dem., device models and more. And our flexible audience segmentation will help you in analyzing even the narrowest audience group.
Behavioral analytics
Build behavioral segments by collecting data about
the activity, the involvement of your users
in the application. Test product hypotheses with this
data and to intersect with other reports.
Audience Segmentation
Compare the involvement of your users and their return from different cohorts, add targeted events to the report. A unique metric of Rolling Retention will help you assess the life of the audience.
Get accurate reports of what country, region and city you are going to and where your target audience is located, and segment your audience with this data.
Cohort Analysis
User Geography
The Most Current Data
MetricsPower tracks absolutely all installations
and events in your application and transfers them
to reports and API convenient for you in real time.
No limits on the amount of data and sampling.
Convenient Bug Reports
MetricsPower provides you with readable reports
of application failures and data on the proportion
of affected users. This will allow you to assess the seriousness of the problem, find them and correct
all errors.
API Data
The MetricsPower API will allow you to receive data
in a non-aggregated form. You can use them for retargeting and for building your own custom reports.
Interact with your users with push notifications aimed at any kind of segmented audience. Provide discounts on your favorite services, chat with users, help them or promote new features of the application.
Highlight any kind of audience segments and send them targeted push notifications with all the accumulated data about user characteristics or behavior in MetricsPower.
Flexible Targeting
MetricsPower has built-in automatic separation
of the audience of a push-campaign by localization
and platforms. And the A / B testing function will help
you quickly and easily find the best notification option
for any purpose.
Convenient Designer
Detailed Statistics
Evaluate the effectiveness of the push campaign,
the ratio of delivered and open notifications, the number of conversions. Compare the results of different campaigns with each other and use this data for other purposes and reports.
So many events are handled by MetricsPower today. Or maybe much more! Join and transfer any amount of data for free
and without restrictions on traffic.
More than 20 million events daily
Register your application and get an API key.
Where to begin?
Integrate the MetricsPower SDK into the application.
View library examples on Android, iOS, Windows, Unity, and Xamarin.
Learn more about all MetricsPower features.
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